Burning Bush is an independent podcast about truth in cannabis by writers Casey and Tyler Hurst in Portland, OR. Each weekly episode starts with a sampling of Oregon cannabis, then moves to an industry-related conversation.

The guys talk about:
Coaching/teaching at community colleges (1:44),
Casey’s high school football prowess (3:54),
Barriers to cannabis use while being athletic (4:53),
What concerns lead us to vaporization (5:41),
Tyler’s first vaporizer — er aromatherapy diffuser with wooden chassis — (6:47),
Tyler admitting to smoking AVB (8:23),
Tyler figuring out how to infuse olive oil infusion (9:35),
His current Hot Box (11:05),
Handheld cannabis vaporizers (12:55),
Desktop vaporizers (14:43),
What’s next for vaporizing cannabis (19:02),
Casey’s first vaporizer experience (20:40),
Hoodie vaporizers (21:46),
Dab pens (23:01),
Why we still choose flower (25:45), and
Casey on early dabs, vaporization during recovery (27:25).