Burning Bush is an independent podcast about truth in cannabis by writers Casey and Tyler Hurst in Portland, OR. Each weekly episode starts with a sampling of Oregon cannabis, then moves to an industry-related conversation.

In today’s episode, Casey and Tyler discuss (mostly) Marvel movie strain pairings, including Starkiller OG by Brave Heart’s Private Reserve with the Force Awakens (3:55), the Marvel movie timeline (9:20), Captain America with Cinex (13:57), Iron Man with Agent Orange (15:28), Iron Man 2 with Sour Tangie by Ten Four Farm (16:46), Incredible Hulk with Golden Goat (18:02), Thor with Dawgwalker (21:30), The Avengers with Bruce Banner (23:13), Iron Man 3 with Tangilope (24:03), Thor Dark World with Y Griega (26:04), Captain America: Winter Soldier with White Fire (28:02), Guardians Of The Galaxy with Sweet Island Skunk (30:25), Avengers: Age Of Ultron with Lucid Dream (32:33), Ant-Man with Blue Magoo (33:58), and Captain America: Civil War with Granddaddy Purple (35:41).

Go with Mt Hood Magic by Resin Ranchers for Doctor Strange.